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Swing and Sliding Gates

Electric Sliding Gate

Automated Swing or Sliding gates secure and enhance the entrance to your home.


They make life a bit easier in poor weather conditions, if affected by some form of disability, or simply by providing some welcome convenience instead of having to struggle with a heavy or cumbersome gate.


Make a visual impact to those visiting your property, and at the same time, increase it's value.

Automated, Secure Access

Electric Security Gate

Consider - how much time do you waste each year?.....

Getting out of car,
Opening gate, 
Getting back in to car,
Driving car forward onto drive, 
Getting out of car,
Closing gate, 
Getting back in to car,
Driving up to the property.
Getting out of car - again.

You deserve automated gates.

Privacy and Security

Electric Security Barrier

Other benefits include....


  • The ability to verify your visitors before allowing them access up the driveway.

  • Childproof your garden by ensuring that only you can open the gate.

  • Benefit from lower insurance premiums.

Like for Like price match

No Obligation Quotation 

10 Year Product Guarantee

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