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When to Upgrade your Garage Door

Sometimes, it's obvious!!

The largest moving part of your home is your garage door, so it needs to be in tip top condition to function properly and to allow you, your family and your vehicle safe access to your garage, as well as security.

The most obvious reason for buying a new Garage Door System is having difficulty opening or closing your garage door, or if it is just looking tired and worn.

So, exactly when do you need to call our Maintenance Team and when do need to buy a new Garage Door System?

When It Fails to Open or Close

Lubrication for some of your garage door moving components is key, such as metal rollers, hinges, the upper part of the chain rail, and of course the lock. However, there are also other parts which should never be lubricated, therefore call GD Automations for all your maintenance needs, whether it's an annual service or ad-hoc repair.

When it’s Slow to Respond

Be aware if there is any delay in the functionality of your Garage Door. Most likely there is something is wrong with your unit or the opener. It's probably time for a new Garage Door, and door openers, which will can guarantee smooth operation.

When it Comes Off the Tracks

Your Garage Door needs to stay within the tracks for it to function properly, if it comes off the track, it means that it is not in good condition and a replacement is advisable, before it causes any harm, or allows someone to break in though this weakness

Pay Attention to Changes

The best way to prevent any future problems with your garage door is to pay attention as to how it moves and the noises it makes. If you notice any changes when opening your door such as creaking or straining or if it starts making excessive noises please give us a call to discuss an upgrade or repair.

GD Automations are your one-stop solution new and replacement automated garage Doors and for maintenance and repair services. We carry out all all installation, including groundworks, and electrics.

Contact us for Sales: 01202 082001 or Repairs: 01929 408190

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