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Now that winter is here, and with more people having more time to spend at home, it is the perfect time to do some garage door maintenance.


You don’t have to be meticulous about cleaning but regularly clear debris, foliage, and dirt from your garage door and the space in front of the garage itself.

Clean the door and take a cloth to any components which are covered in dirt, but being careful not to wipe away any lubricant. Wooden doors need to be checked for warping, water damage and chipped paint, and lookout for steel doors having rust spots that require treating.


Keep the smooth action of your garage door opening and closing with regular lubrication on all moving parts. Remove any built-up dirt and grime from these areas with a cloth but you must apply fresh lubricant to rollers, hinges, tracks, bushings, and overhead springs. This will safeguard your door when we colder, frostier weather arrives and saves you grappling against the elements with a problematic garage door.


I know, but we couldn't find a picture of a weather seal, so here's Sammy the seal..... You're welcome :-)

However, if your garage door has a weather seal, (a small, raised ridge along the floor at the entrance of your garage), check that it’s clean, unbroken, and intact. Seals are strong, and shouldn’t need replacing very often but they can become damaged or loose over time.

Clean the seal with a damp cloth and check for cracks or areas that are brittle. In good condition, the weather seal will ensure that no cold air, debris or water can enter your garage, along with any unwanted pests that may try and sneak under the door.


It can be tricky to open your garage door whilst battling the elements so the last thing you need is a garage door which is stiff or unbalanced. Firstly, look at door and see if its level with the floor, then check that the action is easy and smooth without too much strain on either side.

If the balance or weight feels off then it’s possible that your springs or cables are damaged and may need attention from a garage door specialist in which case call GD Automations on 01929 408190 to book a service.


If you have automatic garage doors and appreciate the convenience of not having to get out of your car in bad weather, then check your batteries to ensure against your remote to running out of power, leaving you having to open the garage door manually in the pouring rain. Consider changing them if you haven’t done so for some time.


Keep an eye on your garage door in general, as you will be more likely to catch faults sooner rather than later. Remember if you ignore small issues, they have a tendency to get worse over time and some are aggravated by cold weather.

Pay special attention to the opening and closing of the door as viewed from the inside your garage, where you will be able to see the cables, springs, and rollers in action. Look out and listen out for any changes in how the door moves and the noises that it makes.

Should any problems occur then us on please call GD Automations on 01929 408190 for a maintenance visit, or a replacement garage door if required.

Also, if this winter proves to be the final straw, and you realise that now is the time to upgrade to an automated garage door, then please call us for a FREE MEASURE UP, ADVICE and QUOTATION GD on 01929 408190.


GD Automations offer a professional maintenance service to keep all workings of your garage door in the best possible condition and to help you with any concerns you might encounter in the winter months. Our skilled engineers can also offer remedial work to help avert future problems and maybe save you from needing to replace your door.

For sales and maintenance of your automated garage door or gates,

call GD Automations on 01929 408190


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