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Security Gates and Barriers - Your free guide to Protecting your business

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

There are many scenarios that require your business to be protected, including theft and damage caused by unwanted visitors, and there are several considerations to make in order to protect your business from them.

1) Burglary and Theft

Having property stolen is one of the most common types of security threat that means physical security is a must. Most premises will have a burglar alarm and security system to protect the interior, but you can improve security even further by preventing un-desirables from gaining entry to your grounds.

2) Breaking and Entering

Properties such as out-buildings and garages can prove attractive shelter to rough sleepers, or even teens just wanting somewhere to hang-out, who not only cause damage by physically breaking in, but also with litter and even fire.

3) Fly-Tipping

There are lots of commercial waste centres out there, but still some individuals like the convenience of depositing their rubbish in open spaces and on other people's property. When it’s on your property, it’s not only unsightly, and costly to clear, but it can damage your reputation.

4) Vandalism

Vandalism is a costly experience to put right but it can damage your reputation with the image that it gives to your customers and other visitors. Once again, reduce the risk by implementing the correct access control systems, along with gates, lighting, CCTV and even a security guard.

None of the above concepts are new, but you should prepare for them just in case, because if your business is not prepared for these security threats, then your company, employees and customers can be adversely affected as a result.

The good news is, that security systems have advanced over the years, and are now less expensive than they were originally.

One way of improving upon securing your business is to install a barrier or gate with some level of access control.

There are many aspects to consider including how the gate will open. Is there room for the gate to slide along sideways, or will it need to swing inwards or outwards?

What groundworks will be required in order for the gate to open?

Where will the power to the gate come from, and what is involved in achieving this?

What type of access control is required? Do you wish to confirm who is wanting to gain access before you let them in? Will some people be allowed a pin number or mobile phone app?

Contact G D Automations to find out more about we can help you improve your business’ security. Call us on 01202 082001 for a free, no obligation feasibility survey to assess your business needs. We will also match any like-for-like quotation.

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