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Free Garage Door Automation Pack with every new Sectional Garage Door

Automated garage doors are more affordable than you think! Especially when you consider the added security and heat saving benefits.

Free Alutech Levigato kit normally retails at £495 and includes;

  • 1 x Automation Drive

  • 2 x Remote Controls

  • 1 x Courtesy Light

  • Fully Installed and Configured

  • Power failure override feature

  • 5 Year Motor Warranty


Sectional garage doors are by far the most secure option for you garage, with thick insulated steel panels that lock solidly in place when the door closes, that are available in a great range of classic and contemporary styles including textured wood grain embossed, or the current trend for a sleek, coloured finish.

The Alutech Levigato garage door kit not only smoothly, quietly and effortlessly opens your sectional garage door motor, it also provides courtesy light with it’s super-bright LED so that you don’t have to fumble about in the dark.

Safety features ensure that the door will not operate if there is an obstacle, and the sleek Italian design brings a touch of finesse to the interior of your garage.

Consisting of a solid galvanised steel motor rail, Kevlar and steel belt, and rigid durable mechanism the Alutech Levigato will keep your door securely locked when closed, as the powerful motor resists force applied to the door making it impossible to open forcibly.

Fully compliant with all relevant European standards the Levigato motor comes with a 5 year manufacturer backed motor warranty and, being an Alutech branded product, has the reliability, build quality and durability for which Alutech are famous.

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